Past and current experiences on motion picture productions
(Photos are from IMDb)
Monster High: Worth Something
(TV Movie)
Lighting board operator
Yellowjackets Season 2
(TV Series)
2nd unit lighting board operator

Watchful Eye
(Series on Netflix)
Lighting board operator
Blockbuster Season 1
(Series on Netflix)
Additional lighting board operator
Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Season 1
(Series on Paramount+)
Lamp op / Lighting  board operator #2
Monster High: Freshmen Year
(TV Movie)
Lighting  board operator 
Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas 
(TV Movie)
Lamp Op (11 Days)
A Million Little Things Season 4
(ABC TV Seriese)
Rigging lighting board operator (12 Days)
(Netflix TV Series 2021)
Additional lamp op, Lighting board operator
Christmas She Wrote
(TV Movie 2020)
Lamp op

The Christmas House
(TV Movie 2020)
Lamp op
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